Our Team

Pastors Manny & Victoria Rivera

Pastors Manny and Victoria lead Discover Life Church together. They both have over 2 decades in ministry and have been married for 26 years. Together they have 4 amazing, adult kids. Outside of pastoring DLC, overseeing 3 other churches, and being parents, they love to spend time hiking and exploring new trails, binging on TV shows like 24, Agents of Shield, Goldrush, and Designated Survivor, exploring the beautiful city of Atlanta, and spending time at the family farm.

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Creative Director

Andy McMahon

Executive Pastor + Creative Director
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Jose Villena

Executive Pastor + Youth Pastor
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Andrea McMahon

Community Director
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Terri LaChapelle

Kids Director
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Adrianne Wilson

Worship Director + Admin
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Laura Villena

Youth Pastor
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Chris & Leslie Vance

DLC Family Foundations Directors