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It Takes Two

By: Andrew Peters


As our leadership team makes a shift in adding an additional worship opportunity on Sunday morning I want to take a little bit to talk about some of the questions we all have.

Why add a second service?

Adding a second service allows us to help people discover life and purpose in a few ways.

We want people to engage, not just attend. Our lobby is bustling before and after each service. So much so that it’s getting harder to navigate and leads to people shuffling in and out instead of connecting. Two smaller services gives more opportunity for relationally connecting with others.

We want to reach more people in our community.

People’s lives are complex and difficult. It’s just not possible for everyone to make that one time a week work. One of the best tools a church can use to reach more people in their community is adding another service. In fact, a good number of those that call Discover Life home already have indicated a strong desire for an earlier service option. We believe this will give us an opportunity not just to grow, but to reach more people with the life of Jesus!

We want ‘Dream Teamers’ attend & serve.

We have amazing people that serve every week or every other week at Discover Life. Many of them serve during the actual service. Adding another service gives them the opportunity to attend one and serve one. Additionally, the option to attend one serve one gives additional opportunities to join a team knowing that it doesn’t impact their desire to also attend a service.

 Why not just add more chairs?

Our decision is not to get rid of the ‘feeling full’ feeling. I love a Sunday where we have to bring out more chairs and, let’s be honest, the first few months of having a second service might feel sparse.

The reason we are adding a service is because we value having an invitational culture that is focused on multiplication. In fact, for many of you that’s why you’re here! We are always looking for ways to invite friends that are far from God, and adding a service provides an amazing opportunity to reach people that don’t know God.

What’s this mean for volunteers?

At the core of every church making an impact are a bunch of volunteer leaders that are fired up about making a difference and seeing the Gospel deeply impact those around them. Our goal is to make this transition as favorable and healthy as we can. Many serve on a team weekly or bi-weekly already.

There are many people in our church who aren’t able to worship, hear the message, or engage with the church in a meaningful way on the days they serve. Our goal is for most of our dream team to serve in one service and attend the other so they don’t have to miss out on worship.

Our production and worship team will be the volunteers we ask to serve during both services. We hope to recruit more set-up/take-down team members so that the two can be separated and not required to be at church for both setup and take down. We hope to recruit more production and worship team members to allow them to serve both services every other week.

We will continually streamline our connections and DLC kids teams to make sure that they are effective and adequately rotated.

Our staff and lead team members are happy to serve in both services as the needs of their ministry require.

Do we have enough volunteers to make two services work?

We are close! Having smaller services as we begin two services will allow me to scale back some of the dream team needs on a weekly basis. As we grow and recruit we can add back in more positions. Each service will need 40 volunteers to work; setup- 4, takedown- 4, connections-8, cafe-3, worship-8, production-3, kids-10. Since worship/production will be working both services, and setup/takedown doesn’t rotate, that means we will need 61 people serving each week to have an attend one serve one model for connection, cafe and kids. We have more than that in our Dream Team slack channel!

I also want to encourage you, if you serve in a role like fine arts or worship vocalist that isn’t on rotation every week make an effort to plugin to connections or kids. It takes a family to make this whole thing work!

What can you do?

Aside from joining a team there are a few commitments I’d like to invite you to make:

Be a Regular:

Our worship experiences are prayerfully designed to equip everyone that comes to live a Jesus centered life. They are an essential component to encourage you on the journey of faith. Part of calling DLC home is consistently coming to our gatherings. We believe being a committed attender is a catalyst to our own personal growth.

Be Excited:

Guys, it’s okay to be a little anxious. 🙂 This is a big move! Even if you have questions, commit to helping build momentum around what God is doing through our church! Commit to telling someone what God is up to at least once a week!

Be a Bringer:

Make a list of people to invite to our Easter gathering on April 1st at 9 & 11AM. It will be our first double service! Be faithful to asking them join you…more than once!

There is a harvest on the other side of us that we believe God is leading us into. We are pushing into this next season with expectancy, hope and faith filled hearts. Thank you for being the kind of church that knows faith and risk and harvest go hand in hand with fruit that remains and the Gospel working through us.

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