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January 12th – Do you need a Miracle?

By: Jerry and Valerie West, DLC Care Pastors



Psalms 107:21-22

“Let them praise the Lord for his great love and for the wonderful things he has done for them. Let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving and sing joyfully about his glorious acts.”

What is a miracle?

Here’s a simple definition:  Something that God must do for you that is out of the realm of your own capabilities.
For example: You can brush your teeth, you can brush and comb your hair, and you can drive a car if you have a driver’s license.  Jesus doesn’t have to do those things for you.  On the contrary,  when tragedy happens or when you face the impossible and know you don’t have what is needed — you are diagnosed with cancer, your spouse is unfaithful,  your child is on drugs or is suicidal, or a whole list that could go on and on — this is place of miracles.  The divine moment when faith steps in and you start to proclaim and declare the Word of God. The opportunity to praise Him for coming through for you, especially when you don’t see it yet! Praise is genuine expectation of the coming “glorious act.”

In this life we will face the impossible,  yet we have this hope.  The hope of Christ and His work on the cross. The problem is, we too often rely on what we see and feel when we need to rely on WHOM OUR SOUL KNOWS.  We have to come to the point that we can put our complete trust in Him who holds our past, present and future in His hands. When days on end go by and we don’t acknowledge His goodness, provision, grace, mercy and love;  We have started relying on ourselves.

We must be intentional in declaring His Word over our lives:
“He is for us, not against us.”
“He will never leave us nor forsake us.”
“He will supply all our needs according to His riches in heaven through Christ Jesus.”
“He sent His word and healed us”
“His thoughts and plans for me are for a bright future and a hopeful outcome.”
 “God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all I can ask, infinitely beyond my highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes and dreams.”

After speaking these few scriptures out loud, all of a sudden you will find hope and faith rising up to dispel fear and unbelief. The spoken Word is powerful. Declare His word over your life and see the impossible become the “All Things that Are Possible with God!”  Then Praise Him for all your worth!

Let this 21 days launch us into a year of intentionally…
1. Declaring His Word Out Loud
2. Believing What We Say and…
3. Praising Him Abundantly
Let’s Pray:
Dear Father, thank You for who You are and what I’m not. I can’t do what needs to be done, only You can. Help me to understand and grasp all You have for me! Help me to completely believe and rely on Your Word and not on myself or others for what only You can provide. When I start to fret, worry and stress over life, Lord, remind me that You have the final say and You only give good gifts.

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