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January 18th – How do I pray?

By: Andy McMahon, DLC Executive Pastor



Luke 11:1

1 Now Jesus was praying in a certain place, and when he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John taught his disciples.”


The disciples had right around three years to hang out with Jesus on the Earth. In those three years, the one thing I can find recorded in scripture about which they asked Jesus, “How do you do that?” was prayer.

Not healing the blind.
Not raising the dead.
Not water to wine.


It hit me last week; there’s a reason for that, so I have been putting it into practice as of recent.

The disciples would have been praying for years.  They would have witnessed many of Jesus’s prayer times.  Yet in even greater ways, the disciples wanted to pray how Jesus prayed. The disciples wanted to pray for what Jesus prayed for.

My challenge to myself has been: when something happens, instead of opening my mouth to just start talking, I stop and say, “Jesus, how do I pray?” It’s amazing what starts to happen!

I find it all too easy that, when someone gives you the details of their prayer request, the seemingly natural response is, “Oh. I’ll pray for <insert solution to their issue>.”

Yet the disciples modeled a more intimate way. They teach us that we have a distinct intimacy with God, with the people around us, and with the broken world, to be able to stop, analyze the situation, and say, “Jesus, how do I pray?

So, this may not be the longest post of the 21 days, but in the simple, we can learn profound truths.  Prayer was a priority. Learning to pray was a priority, and Jesus sits ready and waiting to teach us His ways.

This simple verse has been my reminder.
It’s my conviction.

Jesus, how do I pray?

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