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January 19th- Inquire of God

By: Andria Davisson, DLC Prayer Pastor



Exodus 33:11

11 The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend…

James 1:5

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.


Only to sit and think of God

Oh what a joy it is!

To think the thought, to breath the Name

Earth has no higher bliss.

Hymn by Frederick W. Farber, early 1800’s

In reading scriptures and hymns as those above, it’s easy for us to agree with their sentiment yet subconsciously believe that only the “spiritually elite” can accomplish a life such as that.  There’s a natural assumption that if we are called to such a life, everything in us should naturally say “yes” to sitting and thinking of God.  However,  I have found throughout the years, as I have met, mentored with, and read about men and women who loved the Lord and brought great love, power, and goodness into the Earth, they testify differently.  They often say that upon awaking in the morning, the desire to sit at the Lord’s feet is often met with a sluggishness and lack of desire.  I too have found this true in  my walk.  It is through sheer belief in God’s desire to meet me face to face that allows me to deny my flesh and commit to prayer, especially the listening part of prayer.

The fact is, human beings have a perpetual tendency  to have someone else talk to God for them.  We are content to have the message second-hand.  As in 1 Samuel, the history of religion is an almost desperate scramble to have a king, mediator, a priest, pastor, or go-between to connect with God.   We go to great lengths to justify and avoid the responsibility of going to God ourselves.

There are many reasons we shy away from sitting with God consistently and with as much commitment as we pursue other passions. Yet the fact remains, All who acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord ARE the universal priesthood of God and as such can enter the Holy of Holies and converse with the living God. (aka  YOU were created to hear God’s voice) God does not require us to be brilliant to be used by him,  but intends to equip any who will simply listen and obey.

So how is your prayer life?  In all honesty with yourself, have you carved out time to sit at the feet of Jesus?  Do you believe you were meant to hear the voice of God?

May we all endeavor to inquire of God and let the King of Glory come into our midst.  Let us set aside even 10 minutes to turn over our questions to the Father and listen to his response, trusting in the promise that He will give us grace to continue if we ask for it.

Let’s Pray:

Father God, give us the desire and grace to sit with you, meditate on your Word, and tune our ears to your ever present voice.


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