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If you have been following along in the posts for the 21 days of prayer, you will know that today we were to begin praying through the nations and people groups of the world.  Well….The Lord has interrupted our normal programming to bring us an announcement:) We will resume our prayer for the nations tomorrow!


After confirming this word in a meeting with the prayer team, Pastor Manny,  and Pastor Victoria, it was clear that it would be wise to consider what this spiritual direction means in each our our lives.  So with that, I submit this to each of you to take  to Lord in your prayer time today.

In preservice prayer yesterday the word threshing floor kept resonating in my mind.  Not understanding its relevance, I lifted it to the Lord in prayer, asking what it meant. The Lord continued to reveal the picture of a potter sitting at a wheel, just having finished a beautiful new pot.  At first glance, it seemed as the pot was finished and the work was complete.  However, just beyond the potters wheel was the kiln where the thermometer was rising and you could sense that there was still more to be done.

Pondering this picture and hearing about the many testimonies of the Lords faithfulness in new revelation and deepened relationship that have already occurred,  I believe the Lord is giving us a word of encouragement to finish strong.

WARNING:  Make sure we read this next encouragement with the glasses of invitation vs. the glasses of legalistic law.

We are two weeks into our fast with only 6 days to go and I have heard in various different conversations of people beginning to compromise on their original definition of what they were going to fast, are toying with the idea of ending early, or thinking of adding back in a few things early.   To tell you the truth, at first it didn’t even really phase me because as we have made it very clear there is not condemnation it Christ Jesus.  Many of these decisions actually seemed spurred from a feeling that God had already poured in so much that I think I have gotten what he has for me.  In fact, it has been such a rich time with the Lord these two weeks in my own life, I can understand this line of thinking.

After further pondering with the Father however,  I realized the potential loss of such thinking.  If you know anything about pottery, it is when the pot is finished on the wheel that a couple key transformational processes take place.  The pot must go through a firing process of being put in a kiln, a large super hot oven, and heated slowly to over 1700 degrees.  Prior to firing the clay, it can be easily crushed, re-wetted, and returned to its unformed state.  After the firing, it hardens and loses all potential of going back to the raw clay material.  It can now be glazed, decorated with special paints, and re-fired to become the completed beautiful and waterproof vessel.

As we enter into these last days of our fast, let’s not stop as a thrown pot– unfinished without our final firings.  Let us lean in even harder to God  and expect him to bring the work to completion by doing immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us (Ephesians 3:20). Although we may feel a little heat that is tough to withstand, let us allow him to put on his final touches.  By standing firm in our commitment to honor Him with this fast, may His work be solidified in our hearts so that we do not return to the raw material but instead emerge as the beautiful, waterproof vessel ready to be used for His great service.

In other words, Let us remain on the threshing floor, where the wheat and tares are separated, and endure the shaking necessary to remove all the worldly lies that entangle us and keep us from fully maturing into the wheat of the final harvest. (Matthew 13:30)


Let’s Pray:

Heavenly Father, we dedicate ourselves today to your complete work in this time of fasting and praying.  Give us the strength to endure to the end.  Father thank your for the vastness of vision you have for each of our lives, empower us to walk in its fullness.  In Jesus’s name we pray.  Amen

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