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Prayer Focus:

In our closing week of our 21 days of prayer, we are going to take our focus to the great commission.  Praying continent by continent, our goal is to agree in prayer with the Heavenly Fathers call to the nations, that not one shall perish.

Today we continue this continent by continent journey with Africa.  Since 1910, the populations of Christians in Africa has grown from roughly 9% to 48% by the grace of God and the great courage of missionaries.  There are 988 or 3860 people groups left unreached.

To begin our prayer points today, let us lift up pastors and organization in which DLC has a relationship with through Pastor Manny and Pastor Victoria.  Pray for God’s protection, provision, and favor  over them.  Also, begin to pray God’s wisdom and direction for future DLC missions trips to these regions.

  • Extended Hands Ministry- Kenya and Uganda
  • Bishop Thomas Warerie – Kenya
  • Bishop Rafael Baluma – Kenya

Finally, Some additional prayer points shared by African pastor Conrad Mbewe from the video attached below:

  • The Islamic North, where the church is persecuted: Pray for resilience and courage in the face of opposition and pressure.
  • Urban Africa, where there is increasing development, young professionals, and Western influence: Pray that God would keep the young, growing church’s focus on Jesus and his mission, rather than Western materialistic exports.
  • Rural Africa, where there is poverty and lack of basic amenities (like running water, electricity, and ease of communication): Pray that the church will not end up in syncretism (a combination of many religions), but embrace the gospel in all its purity, not as a covering for false religion.


Scripture Focus:

Declare His glory among the nations. –  Psalms 96:3

Let’s Pray:

Heavenly Father,  We give you praise and honor for the diversity of people groups you have created in this glorious world.  Thank you for drawing us closer to your heart this week as we study to understand the needs of our brothers and sisters around the globe.  Father we declare that DLC  is a place where we have the conviction and courage to leave the 99 to pursue to 1.  That your heart to seek and save the lost would become our heart and would over flow to the nations.  Father we lift up the continent of Africa today.  We pray your provision and blessing over our friends at Extended Hands Ministry, Bishop Thomas, and Bishop Rafael.   Father we pray your courage be released over the people of Africa as they face Islamic opposition and for their hearts and minds to remain pure in their pursuit of Jesus.  We pray this in the mighty name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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