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January 6th, 2019 Kick-off to 21 days: A Decree and An Invitation

By: Andria Davisson, Prayer Pastor DLC



Expect the Unexpected


The “baby is going to jump”


Spiritual Hunger

Prioritizing Kingdom Agenda


Eliminate Distractions and Overcome Obstacles


Last Sunday, Pastor Manny decreed the above statements over the DLC Church family as the word the Lord had spoken to him of the promises in store for Discover Life Church in 2019. Today, we begin our 21 days of Prayer, Worship, Fasting, and Celebration.


What does this decree and this set apart time before the Lord have in common?


An Invitation to Enter In


The above statements that declare what the Lord desires for DLC in 2019, in fact any prophetic declaration, presupposes our acceptance of the invitation to seek the Lord to teach us what the declaration means, to understand why it matters to Him, and to receive understanding on the part He desires us to contribute,  both individually and corporately, for the promises to come to pass. So……


Welcome to the year of accelerated movement

where spiritual hunger magnifies the Kingdom agenda.

A year where distractions are eliminated, obstacles overcome,  

and we are delivered into the unexpected. 


Will you accept the invitation to co-labor with the God of the Universe, the Lover of your soul, our souls, to bring it to pass?


What does co-laboring look like?  To long after God. To surrender our will, by choosing to place ourselves in God’s presence where only He can transform us and teach us His ways.

How do we surrender?  Although Christ is greater than any attempt to describe or systematize His workings with His children, Prayer, Worship, Fasting and Celebration are some of the disciplines Christ gave us in His Word to liberate us from the stifling slavery of self-interest and fear. We seek His presence as the One thing our heart desires (Psalm 27:4), the only path to true freedom, passion, peace, and joy.  These disciplines are the practical choices of answering the call to deeper and fuller living.

God has given us the disciplines of prayer, worship, fasting, celebration, study, solitude etc. as a means of allowing us to place ourselves before God so that He can transform us.  In His gift of grace  we experience His presence, a nearness and intimacy that changes us from the inside out.  Do you believe there is a place where we don’t have to work hard at being good and kind, we are GOOD and KIND?  To refrain from being good and kind would be the hard work because goodness and kindness are part of our nature.  That is the transformation the Lord promises as we seek His presence.

Are you ready for this Transformation?

One of the pitfalls of spiritual disciplines is to STUDY ABOUT prayer, fasting, and worship without actually EXPERIENCING it. To discuss these disciplines, even to argue and debate their nature or validity is something the world more easily embraces as it can be done in comparative safety. However, to step out into these experiences threatens us at the core of our being, our mindsets of protection, it challenges cultural norms. Yet there is no other way.  Prayerfully, perhaps with many fears, questions, or even doubts, we need to move into this adventurous life of the Spirit.


Our world is hungry for genuinely changed people.  Let us be among those who believe that the inner transformation of our lives is the goal worthy of our best effort.  Let’s walk into the acceleration the Lord has for us in 2019 by surrendering our hearts together in the following opportunities:



  • Each day there will be a blog post here. It will be a combination of testimonies and revelations the Lord has been giving your fellow DLC brothers and sisters on their own journeys of transformation complete with prayer points, as well as some blog posts on practical tips of entering into a life of prayer, fasting, worship, study etc.
  • Tonight, as well as the next 2 Sunday nights, we will gather at 6 pm to corporately pray and worship. This will be both a time of guided declarations of prayer points and  worship songs which Lord has already prompted, as well as following the lead of the Holy Spirit into the places He would like to lead each night.


  • Individually, we encourage you to increase set times of worship in your home, drive times, and even gathering with your DLC brothers and sisters.
  • Corporately, we will enter into His presence Sundays at 6 pm, Jan. 6, 13, and the 20. Each of these will be led by a different member of our worship team who has been preparing their own hearts to lead us into an intimate time in the Lords presence to receive the ministry only the Holy Spirit can do.


Fasting in the bible was both personal and corporate. We witness times when Moses, Daniel, Paul, and Jesus himself fasted to be intimate with the Father.  We also are taught of times when the likes of Esther called all the people to fast to bring great miracles and deliverance.

  • Throughout the 21 days, We will do both! In the daily blogs, there will be a few that instruct us on biblical fasting and how it plays into intimacy with the Father.  You will be encouraged to seek the Lord for His personal revelation in your life of how He desires fasting to liberate you to a deeper intimacy with Him.
  • The Last three days of this set-apart time we will be calling a corporate fast. After spending 3 weeks seeking the Father’s heart in prayer and worship, we will stand together to believe for the above declarations to come to pass in 2019.


Our God is a God of Celebration!  He delights in us and is pleased when we delight in Him over feasting and testimony of His faithfulness.  We long await celebrating with you on the final Sunday of this time of renewal.  Oh how we will be wowed by the wonderous things of our Almighty God!

Let’s Pray:

Father I submit myself to your presence.  I  give you permission to encounter me at new levels.  I desire to see your face.  I desire to have my self-interest and fear transformed by the power of your Spirit.  Father release me to dream in new ways. Jesus I believe in the certainty of your goodness and power.  Lord teach me to fully trust that you will equip me to accomplish all you have in store for me, my family and Discover Life.  Lord I give Your LOVE permission to transform my limited understanding into your God understanding.


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  1. Lynnette Camon on January 7, 2019 at 6:38 pm

    Thank you Andria. It is one thing to study about these things, prayer fasting worship celebration….but actually doing them are a whole different thing. Thank you for making that clear. It is not just enough to study but to do these things in order to encounter God on different levels and to build a relationship that is everlasting and changes our lives.

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