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Pressing In – Details on our Corporate Fast

By: Andria Davisson, DLC Prayer Pastor



Welcome to our upcoming 3 Days of Corporate Fasting!  What a powerful two and a half weeks we have had leaning into God’s presence in prayer and worship. The testimonies have been both riveting and humbling, reminding us that:

  • In our weakness He is strong.
  • When we seek Him, He is faithful to answer.
  • Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Now is the time to enter into the final culmination of our 21 days.  As a collective church body, we invite everyone to fast for 3 days with a focus on the following prayer points:

  • Spiritual Awakening and Unity
  • For the Dreamers to Awaken
  • Increased Pursuit of Love and Earnest Desire for Spiritual Gifts


Our time of Corporate fasting will begin Friday morning, January 25th, and end Sunday the 27th.  The fast will culminate at 3 pm this Sunday, at the Lawrenceville Lawn, 210 Luckie Street, where our DLC Family will join in the “One Nation Under God Prayer March.”  After the March, we will proceed to La Cazuela to “break bread” together in a time of celebration and testimony.


What is a Fast:

The central idea of fasting is voluntary denial of an otherwise normal function (eating) for the sake of increased spiritual focus.

The Purpose of Corporate Fasting:

The primary purpose of all fasting is to solely glorify the Father which is in Heaven.  This is the only way in which we can enter into a fast with pure motive,  seeking the Blesser more than the blessing.

Unlike personal fasting, a corporate fast extends beyond personal needs, as a group of people,  grieved by the gap between the Father’s heart for his people and current reality, band together with a solemn seriousness to seek God’s mercy and power to manifest in the world.

One thing we must remember in this purpose, it is a FREE CHOICE.  Both regular and corporate fasting has had such a profound impact in so many Christians’ lives that it is easy to get legalistic and try to make regular fasting “law” in the church. This denies the freedom of the Gospel as stated in Romans 8:1, “There is  no longer condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”  However, freedom does not mean license; it means opportunity.  LET US be free to fast and wildly pursue our first love, relying on the Holy Spirit to birth in us self-control.

Considerations for a Powerful Fast:

  • Fasting is Feasting: Over the three days, what you add to your day is as important as what you remove.
    • Set apart increased time to read God’s Word. Biblical references for fasting are included below for your study if you choose.
    • Pray for the prayer focus points above
    • Sit in solitude to strengthen your hearing of God’s voice
    • Journal what you hear the Lord speak.
    • Worship alone or gathering with family or friends.
  • Monitor the inner attitude of your heart. Expect fasting to reveal things that control us.  We often cover up what is inside of us with food and other good things.  As these things surface, give yourself the space to take a break and seek the Holy Spirits counsel. Ask Him to reveal how to pray and wisdom on root issues.
  • Make every task a sacred ministry onto the Lord. Outwardly you may be doing  simple task such as making dinner, driving home from the office etc.,  but inwardly you can be in adoration and thanksgiving.


Bible Scriptures to study on fasting:

  • Fasting is never commanded in the Bible, though Jesus makes it clear in several passages that he expected that his disciples would fast. (Matthew 9:15 and 6:16)
  • In most cases fasting was a private matter between an individual and God. It was part of a normal lifestyle of pursuing greater oneness with God. It was a common practice in the culture and would have been taught in homes from birth. Specific people mentioned who fasted includes Moses, David, Esther, Daniel, Anna the Prophetess, Paul and Jesus.
  • Corporate or group fasts were in addition to a normal fasting lifestyle and were called in times of national emergency or by a prepared people who were, with one mind, seeking the Lord in important matters. Examples were when Judah was invaded, when Ninevah repented and turned back to God, when Esther went before her husband to save their nation, and when returning from exile on roads infested by marauders. (Joel 2:15, 2 Chron 20:1-4, Jonah 3:5-7, Esther 4:16, Ezra 8:21-23)
  • Fasting went hand in hand with worshiping. (Luke 2:37, Acts 13:2)
  • God is concerned with the motive of fasting as much as the fasting itself. (Matt. 16-18, Zech. 7:5)
  • Fasting can reveal things that control our lives above God and bring humility. (Psalm 69:10)
  • Reminds us that food is not our sustenance, but every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. ( Matt 4:4)
  • Both David and Paul refer to fasting as a discipline to bring freedom and helps keep us from the slavery of fleshly desires. ( Ps. 35:13 1 Cor. 9:27 and 1 Cor.6:12)
  • Prayer and Fasting contributed to deliverance (Mark 9:29)


What a glorious time in the history of Discover Life Church to gather together as One Body, drawing closer to the Lord and trusting His Love to equip us for this next season of bringing His love into our hearts, homes, businesses, communities, and throughout the whole earth.  We are over the top excited to celebrate together this coming Sunday, knowing the fruit of our sacrifice will not go unnoticed by our incredibly faithful Heavenly Father!  May the Lord bless you and keep you through this fast.

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